Vitaltec Corporation


Tracheostomy Tube

Tracheostomy tubes are designed to support patients to maintain positive pressure ventilation and allow access to aspirate secretions.

Vital-Cath ™ Max

A Patient-friendly Device

Rota-Trach™ Tracheostomy Tube comprise adult series and pediatric series. The adult series have the options of disposable standard and tube with inner cannula, which are available in types of cuffed/uncuffed and fenestrated/non-fenestrated.

Rota-Trach™ Tracheostomy Tube not only provides basic necessities but is a "Patient Friendly" device. The connector features an absorption design. This feature allows the connector to absorb pressure of any movement on it  and thus reduce patient discomfort

Every Rota-Trach™ trachestomy tube equips with a disconnect wedge to avoid cross-infection, fixing the inflation tube from shedding.